Steve Richard Braithwaite’s seminar

Fit Wisdom

PARK200 | 3 Hours | 18+

On this Fit Wisdom seminar we will inquire and identify what real happiness is. We will look at this world of changing expectations with a fresh perspective of understanding and reasoning.  

Being happy, feeling good and finding peace is possible, once you know how.

Steve Richard Braithwaite author of Soul Ride is a regular guest speaker and educator for the NHS, Champneys and Vitality Health. Steve was born 1960 in Vancouver, Canada and has been on a journey of self-discovery and understanding since his early years when his grandparents introduced him to a variety of philosophies. Steve now identifies and accepts that it is the combination of mind, body and soul that creates the ultimate human experience. It is having a holistic approach to life that gives us the greatest happiness and contentment throughout our lives.

‘Steve’s holistic approach to health and wellbeing is informative, innovating and enlightening – leaving the listener and audience feeling uplifted and positive.”

Louise Day

Fitness & Wellbeing Director, Champney’s

‘The best measure of success is the feedback from patients who attend both his group and one-to-one sessions. The service he provides is top quality and we hear nothing but positive feedback.’

Vitality Care Consultant, Vitality Health Insurance

‘Steve has been instrumental in helping the Breast Unit Charity based at St Margaret’s Hospital, Epping and Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow to set up a ‘moving on’ programme for patients who have received treatment for breast cancer.  He is an inspiring speaker…we really could not have had the success with the programme without him.’

Mr Ashraf Patel

Associate Specialist for Breast Surgery