Mind Fitness combines Eastern philosophies with Western attitudes. Combining the mindfulness, consciousness and enlightenment of the Eastern world and the practical, logical and ethical ways of the Western world, Mind Fitness ultimately steers us to be the master of our mind and in power of what we can control, rather than what we cannot.

Mind Fitness creates flexibility within our lives, an awareness giving us the consciousness to be positive with everything we do. It gives our brains the tools, skills, knowledge and attitude to be in control of the choices we make. It is about realising that everything is a choice.

Mind Fitness and its teachings, focuses on the four minds of development. These four minds are the fundamental mind, the reasoning mind, the creative mind and the observing mind.

The fundamental mind is the mind we use to develop our skills, knowledge and attitude. It is the mind we use to learn and formulate our education so it can be applied in a positive way.

The reasoning mind is the intellectual mind. It involves all thoughts, feelings and emotions. We use this mind often throughout our lives. It determines all negotiations and outcomes. It is linked to cause and effect. This mind is the big decision maker.

The creative mind is our imaginative mind. We use affirmations and visualisations to achieve our goals and desires with this mind. This mind will believe whatever we tell it to believe. It does not have obstacles or interest in right or wrongs.

The observing mind is without thought. This is the mind that keeps us in the moment. It connects with all the senses in a state of mindful awareness. Peaceful and calm, just being.

Through Mind Fitness Training people will learn, explore and incorporate the following skills and attributes into their everyday lives:

  • - Switching On in The Present Moment
  • - Greater Confidence and Productivity
  • - Establishing Purpose with Direction
  • - Increased Peak Performance Levels
  • - Identifying Opportunities
  • - Peacefulness
  • - Better Balance throughout life
  • - Listening and Communication
  • - Enhanced Concentration and Focus
  • - Shifting Perceptions
  • - Managing Expectations
  • - Sensory Development For Greater Awareness
  • - Calming The Mind
  • - Living in the Positive